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We have been living in Iceland since 1999 and from that time we have learnt a lot about living here. That’s why we would like to share our knowlegde with you. We know how difficult is to find yourself in a foreign country.

We want to warn you against various difficulties that you may face. What is more, we would like to inform you that taxes, taking a loan or taking out insurance don’t have to be complicated. You will see that Iceland as a picturesque island may astonish you everyday.

Our webpage is created in order to answer questions that bother you.

Would you like to insure yourself ? Buy a flat or a car ? Maybe you need a loan but you do not know how to do it ? If yes, this is the right place to find all information you are looking for.

This page will show you everything you need without having any troubles.

You don’t have to search the Internet or ask people who have no experience in such matters anymore. It often happens that you receive infomation which is not reliable or valid while browsing through unrealiable webpages, you can also come across some opinions which are so different even though they are connected with the same topic or issue. These are the reasons for which you should use our webpage in order not to have any doubts. My Iceland webpage checks all the information at the realiable source so as to be sure that we will transmit only the facts.

Our specialists wait for your e-mail or phone, to solve your problems.

Everything is easy, fast and clear at this webpage!

Use our webpage and make sure that we don’t make wild promises.

We guarantee a professional approach to every single customer and his/her needs.

We are inviting you – because we are here for you.

Satisfied customers give us energy to work. We believe that happy customers always come back with pleasure.

We have a surprise for all new members of the association MY ICELAND.

New members will receive a discount card for Orkan and  Skeljungur (before it was Shell) petrol stations 11 kr off per litre and 5 % discount for shopping in Euro Market !

Visit our page and ask for details