Accident or fortunity – it is recommended to check what rights you have got

Some unlucky accidents may happen to you or with your participation. Unfortunately, everybody is exposed to road accidents or accidents in your workplace as well as in any place where the incident happens.

We help people who were injured in many different accidents to obtain compensation from the Insurance Company, institutions, offices, employers, hospitals etc.

Thanks to well-developed network of partners, we are able to help you in every situation.

We meet with the injured person to talk about the particular accident and we help to complete documentation and hand over the case to the relization. It is important to lay a claim for the due rights because of gaining the reimbursement of medical expenses or gaining the compensation for inability to take a job. You should remember that making a complaint pushes an issue forward which means that the claim is repaired – for exapmle the change of approach to the patients in hospital, the improvement of the road condition or improvement of working conditions. Thus, we will protect ourselves and others from the consequences of similar events.

The most important thing is to take legal steps and complete all the needed formalities. You should do that at the same day of the accident or the next day. If your symptoms occur later, you will have the chance to get the compensation, too.

If you had an accident and all the information that we have described are connected to you – call us. We will try to help you and to fix the documents.

As we have written, we cooperate with the best lawyers in Iceland! We have helped a lot of people to go through all the procedures of getting the compensation – we do it step by step.

You will be said where to go, what ducuments you need to have and what information you should pay attention.

We also provide information in Polish ! What is more, we approach to every customer individually.

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