Thinking of your life and health we would like to say a few words about insurance.
It is not easy to find good insurance that allows you to stay calm. People do not have time or willingness to deepen the knowledge of choosing the best insurance. The next problem that appears is lack of understanding the Icelandic language. Therefore we offer free advice about insurance.
We believe we have chosen the best insurance company which is called TM. It is trustworthy and it offers affordable prices. We have started cooperation with than company in order to make your insurance a good and cheap choice.
You will be introduced to the insurance contract and offer in Polish language. If you are interested come to our office and we will answer all of your questions.
For a certainty, you think about insuring your life, car or house etc. You may feel you do not know where to go and ask. Who can explain you the rules in an easy way ? You are in a right place !
Everybody who owns a car, must insure it. Have you ever thought why somebody chooses a particular company ? Are you taking into account what your friends think and recommend ? Do you choose a company which is located in your neighbourhood?
We strongly encourage you to make an informed decision!
We will gladly advise which insurance is the most suitable for your family! We will help you so you can sleep peacefully and be sure that we have done everything what is important for you.
We will help you to choose the best insurane option
We will adjust the insurance to your needs.
We will choose life, health, flat or house and car insurance.
We provide a nice atmosphere.

Call us and you will get more information.

phone: 789 22 99
865 46 36

Smidjuvegur 2
200 Kopavogur

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