We have decided to open the pawnshop so that to lend a helping hand to everyone who find yourself in a  difficult situation. We give a loan secured on movables or immovables. The most important value of our company is  trust.

We would like to emphasize that we  do not want to take over pledges. We provide every customer convenient conditions which will allow you to repay the loan easily.

We provide guarantee  of item protection and anonymity.

We guarantee professional and reliable valuation of the product  with respect to the market value

* low interest rate
* high valuation
* without the guarantor
* no debt collection
* fast and safe cash
* a  readable  contract
* minimum of formalities
* full of discretion

Stan Finance is a financial company which aim is to promote the most interesting financial products and to educate the society about financial products and services.

Icelandic financial market is not big but the changes that appear here are felt by all of us.

Not everyone knows a lot about finances so we will answer every question in an easy way.

STAN FINANCE deals with:

* operating your financial means
* provision of financial services to customers
* discount
* payment
* profits
* leasing
* assets
* securities
* investment,    etc.

more information on 789 22 99
Moja Islandia
Smiðjuvegur 2
200 Kopavogur
( 1st floor )

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