People who arrive to Iceland often encounter difficulties from the very beginning. We mean fixing some documents like “Kennitala” which is a personal identyfication number. Everybody who lives in Iceland has to be registered in the National Registry and must have own ID numer.

We can say that “Kennitala” number is the primary thing and a key which is necessary to exist in Icelandic society.

ID number contains 10 digits and the first six digits are the individual’s birthday, month and year. Kennitala number includes more information about registered person: place of residence, given names, marital status, common-law marriage, being divorced, having an insurance etc.

This number is the most important “password” which is used in Iceland. You can’t open a bank account or apply for a job without having that ID number.

The application procedure of obtaining Kennitala number isn’t difficult. We can say that it is really easy but you should be patient. If you want to do everything in one day without unnecessary journey to the Registration Office, or if you are discouraged by the language barrier, come to us!

We are able to fill out, submit a form and get “Kennitala” number within one day! We can do that in the fastest way in the whole country in order to reduce your stress and expenses.

What is more, we advise newcomers what to do next and how to start their adventure in Iceland so that everything will be safe, legal and without unpleasant surprises.

Recommend us to your friends who have recently come to Iceland.

Visit Moja Islandia – MY ICELAND office.

Nothing is impossible for us!

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